Research Papers

  • Convenience, Personalization and Engagement in an Agricultural Advisory Service,” with Susan Athey, Shawn Cole and Jessica Zhu, Job Market Paper, latest draft.

  • “Centralized Admission Systems and School Segregation: Evidence from a National Reform,” with Macarena Kutscher and Sergio Urzua , Revised & Resubmitted to - Journal of Public Economics, IZA DP No. 13305, latest draft.

  • “Explaining Third Birth Patterns in India: Causal Effect of Sibling Sex Composition, Revised & Resubmitted to-Journal of Population Economics, draft available here.

  • Network Influence with Latent Homophily and Measurement Error”, with Subhadeep Paul and Keith Warren, Submitted, preprint at arXiv: 2203.14223, code available on GitHub.

  • “Preference Estimation in Deferred Acceptance with Partial School Rankings”, preprint at arXiv: 2010.15960.

Work in Progress

  • “When Is Not Safe to Go Outside: Implications of Rising Conflict on Female Physical Mobility in Afghanistan,” with Cesar Cancho, Christina Wieser and Juan Ferrer, draft available upon request.

  • "Peer Influence with Continuously Evolving Networks in a Therapeutic Community”, with Subhadeep Paul and Keith Warren, work in progress.